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Vintage Booth 

Our Vintage Booth is beautiful on it's own and elegant that it will fit any type of event. With a custom start screen to match your event and a Mahogany wood frame, you will wow your guest. 

Open Air Booth

If you want high resolution photos with our DSLR camera / Professional Photography lighting, than our Open Booth is the perfect fit for your event. 

Mirror Booth

The Mirror Booth takes photo booth fun to a whole new level. As guest walk up to the Mirror, Colorful animations guides and invites them to engage in a magical, interactive "selfie" experience. 

Selfie Booth

The Selfie Booth is an interactive extraordinaire. Your guests step right up and select a still shot, Animated GIF, or Boomerang GIF. After selecting their experience, they can choose a Digital Prop to interact with. When their session is complete, they pick a Photo Filter and then share via email or Text.

360 Booth

Stand on platform and let our 360 create magic. The most engaging / interactive experience we offer. Your guest can dance, pose, or have plain fun! Our 360 has slow motion capabilities that create that ultimate shareable content. Custom creation and promo capabilities make this an experience they will never forget.


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